1. Kylie

    Yet again, another comic which coincidentally focuses on the issues prominent in my mind.. perhaps there is no coincidence.

  2. Heather D.

    My contentions exactly!! People assume I operate in these boxes and I never have, so they do not understand me. I am an ALIEN! LOL!

  3. Ella

    Well there you go. I’ve just finished writing a book and a stage play that pretty much says exactly the same thing. So clearly I’m not the only one thinking these things.

    Worse, being outside the “gender lines” so to speak, men have only one interested in me and that is what my body can do for them for 5 minutes at 2 AM. Thankfully, I’m with my girlfriend at 2 AM in bed 🙂 Whilst the men are trawling the streets for … wait, those poor men!

    • Ellie

      Ella, I think you’re missing the point. You’re putting men into a category (they only have one interest and they are trawling the street), when the comic is trying to illuminate that there’s a spectrum that bucks classification. It’s saying that “men” and “women” are constructs, and in reality, no one fits neatly into a gender. The comic is objecting to the act of dividing people into genders and assigning behaviors to them based on those genders, which is what your comment, unfortunately, just did.

      • Nina

        Thank you, Ellie. People are people. Some men are asses; some men are wonderful. Many men fall somewhere in the middle of that spectrum. It’s not helpful to lump everyone into two categories based on lady bits and gentlemanly bits, especially when those bits are hardly binary and don’t have a terrible lot to do with a deeper understanding of that individual.

  4. Audrey

    These are the questions we need to be asking. (ALSO – this could totally work for discussing “race” as well!!!)

      • Anticlockwise

        I am interested in your perspective. Could you explain to me where you find this analogy incompatible with race. My understanding of race is that it is a social construct, that in fact there are no concrete biological markers for race. That is someone who is Indian may share more genetic material with someone else who is African than someone else who is also Indian.

        In my opinion people apply race to people the way they apply gender to me. They get angry when a non-white person won’t tell them where they really come from, and also use their constructed perception of an individual’s “race” to make conclusions about them. Just as gender is a spectrum I would argue so is race, when does someone of so called ‘mixed race’ start being black and stop being white or vic versa? Often people make decision about people’s race based on physical characteristics. Just like they make when they are trying to discern my gender. I have heard people told they are not a really Aboriginal because they are too white, or successful. This negates their cultural experiences and belonging, their identity. Just like when people want to know my junk so they can determine “what I am”.

        This comic from my perspective is trying to say gender shouldn’t really be an important factor that you need to know about someone in order to have an interaction with them. It rarely needs to come into the conservation or the equation, be my bro first and then find out if I like baking and want to bake with you. There are a few instances where sometimes someone interacting with you might need to know this information to have a meaningful interaction with me. Like you might need to know my junk if your are my urologist, but I feel the same of race. If in the discussion you need to know the likelihood of your partners susceptibility to sickle cell anemia cool. Otherwise you can find out if they like to bake too without knowing ‘where they came from’.

        Since both concepts are social construction of many biological possibilities I see the relevance of the comparison.

        • What anti-clockwise said in much more detail than I said a bit further down the thread. The word “race” is now being replaced with “Human Biodiversity” or HBD. This is like the creationists trying to go all sciency with Intelligent Design. Nobody can determine how many races there are. Estimates range from three to into the sixties, all based on arbitrary distinctions that are meaningless when the DNA is analyzed. Apparently I carry a fair amount of Neanderthal DNA. No surprise. But does this mean I’m of mixed race. Of course I am. We all are.
          So yes, this analogy certainly applies to race. But I too would be interested in hearing why LovePeaceohana thinks it wouldn’t. Or was that just a snap judgement that you now would reconsider?

          • k

            I think the reason this would not apply to race is that because of racialized histories, race is not just a social construct for people whose experiences have been influenced by race. I agree that race as a category is/was a social construct, but so much violence has been done because of this social construct that it is important to take into account histories of colonialism, slavery, imperialism, and genocide when dealing with race. Racism today exists as an oppressive institution because of the violence that has been done to people in the past (and still is in the present) because of their perceived race. This continues to affect people who are perceived to be of certain races today. In other words, what affects me more is not that some white people keep asking me where I’m “really” from but that I may be assumed to be oppressed/a terrorist/traditional/a criminal/poor/uneducated/not “civilized” because of the color of my skin.

        • Footloose

          Just saw an interesting exhibit on race at the Carnegie Museum. It’s touring the country so may be elsewhere as well. Basically says all the same things that Anticlockwise raises. Race IS a social construct and has little if anything to do with biology. Thanks for this!

  5. simon

    Nice one there, good plot idea, great artwork. Something to think about for sure, thanks for making my morning a bit more interesting, dude.

  6. Sarah

    sooo good. So witty…LOVE LOVE THE HUMOUR! Where would we be without it eh?
    SO SO well done. Youjust get better and better

  7. Yes it would work for race. There are no races. They are all imaginary constructs and any attempt to divide people into races fails on closer examination. We can’t even decide how many races there are supposed to be, with a range from three to sixty some odd.

  8. Joshua

    I fucking love this!

    And… I don’t see why “fucking (??????)” is any different an interest per-se than “baking”. I get the desire to expand horizons of possibility, but don’t assume that any particular sexual/romantic interest or limitation thereof is preferable to any other? Are you implying that being more fluid in this way is intrinsically better?

    Big thanks…

  9. Billie

    Loved this so much! Thank you! It was absolutely brilliant! Of course the only part that made me really cringe was the part at the beginning where the dude says, “women fight with each other” total nonsense. That PISSES me off so much. I mean don’t get me wrong! I understand you only put that there to show how ridiculous stereotypes are and of course it’s satire, however, the fact that some people actually believe that and say things like that in real life absolutely enrages me. It’s very frustrating isn’t it? That stereotype is nothing but complete bull and not true at all, and the fact that people think it is, is just mind-boggling. I actually would have loved it if the alien told him off and said that the stereotype was not true and only exists because of our misogynistic culture, and then show a panel or two of many different groups of women all over the world getting along with each other and having fun together. That would have been great. 😀

    • Jonathan

      I agree completely and though it was not a generalisation or statement I kind of hate that the man portrayed was such a misogynistic twit, but I understand that it was required to show the limited scope of some people on the planet. It’s because of people like that that I don’t want to just be labelled as a man because ‘some’ men can give the rest of us a bad reputation. This can be applied to any categorisation.

      I hate that some cyclists abuse the rules of the road and go through red lights and switch between pavement and road with so little care, and though I often get around on my Bicycle because I don’t drive, I so hate being lumped into the same category with them.

  10. Presenting your ideas in such a user-friendly format is a great idea. Thank you for putting it together. It is definitely something I can show to people to help them understand a more enlightened world viewpoint on gender differences and inequalities. Presenting such a serious, “heavy” issue in a funny comic is really genius.

  11. I love this program cause we find human if women is not women, or men is not a men . Must suppose to know this is really women or men. I love this.

  12. Robin

    My Gender and the Humanities teacher showed the class this comic, and everyone understood and enjoyed it. I give it all of the thumbs up! 😀

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